Healthy-Alternative Cooking and Life Mentoring

Teaching youth how to cook the foods they are familiar with in a “Healthier Way”, by substituting healthier ingredients,  which produces the same great tastes they are accustomed to, and then introducing them to new foods that are healthy and also very tasty. Students gain greater self-esteem and self-reliance while laying a foundation for cultivating trust and accountability through our mentoring program. They also broaden their awareness of the importance of community through neighborhood involvement & development.  


Motivational Speaking

  More to come!



Catered dinners and banquets for Dinner: IS Possible, “Talent Chef” youth cooking challenges and team building events for other non-profit organizations help students show their creativity and skills by creating a team environment to work in.  


Phone:  832-413-2419
Email:   dinnerispossible06@gmail.com


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